We carry out full spectrum of Electrical & Instrumentation Construction with our experienced and professional project teams. In addition, we are committed to our clients for excellent services with high quality and safety standards through well planned productivity and effective Cost Control System.


  • HV, MV & LV Transformers Installation & Pre-commissioning (All Ratings, Excitation, Isolation, Neutral Grounding Unit Auxiliary, Generator Step-up up to 500MVA)
  • Iso Phase Bus Duct (IPB), Non-Segregated Bus Duct (NSB), GIB (132kV & 380kV)
  • Generator Installation & Pre-commissioning (All Ratings)
  • Switchgears & Switchboards (MV & LV)
  • Panel Installation (Electrical, Control & Instrumentation)
  • UPS / DC systems
  • Cable Pulling (HV, MV & LV)
  • Cable Terminations (MV & LV)
  • Cable Tray, Conduit and Raceways Power (third rail)
  • Fiber Optic Cable splicing & terminations
  • Certified aluminum welders
  • FO / MV cable splicers (up to 33 kV)


  • Instrument calibration
  • Instrument Installation (Field)
  • Loop tests & checks
  • Installation of Transmitters, Switches & Gauges for Pressure, Temperature Flow and Level application, Control Valves, on / off valves, Breather valves, Safety Valves, panels, junction boxes
  • Installation including instrument and control cabling and terminations, marshalling panels, instrument air/gas tubing and impulse piping
  • Ability to pre-fabricate instrument support & other fabrication work for control packages
  • Fabrication & installation of sunshade for field instruments


Our effective supply channel of instrumentation products will provide you the best professional service and support. Instrumentation products may target on variety combination of tubes, fittings & valves.

We provide solutions for most type of process instrumentation & control requirements. Using our dedicated team of experienced Engineers, we are able to specify appropriate instrumentation products for given requirements. We deal with the best technical solutions at the right price within given time scales.


  • On site calibration of valve positioners, diagnostics of valves are also carried out
  • Reduced operation and maintenance costs
  • Reduced manpower requirements
  • Reductions in unscheduled maintenance
  • Improved spare parts planning
  • Accurate data for efficient decision making


Supply & Installation of Transmitters, Switches & Gauges for Pressure, Temperature Flow and Level application, all kinds of valves, panels, junction boxes, cable laying & termination, perforated cable tray work, pedestal fabrication etc.

Installation of DCS and PLC systems, SCADA systems, hazardous area control systems, fire and gas systems and process installation, termination & commissioning .

Supply & Installation including cabling, marshalling panels, instrument air/gas tubing and impulse piping work.

Testing, calibration & loop checking through fully trained technicians with certified testing equipment.

Specialist knowledge on industrial projects for material selection and procurement related to electrical & instrumentation.

Ability to pre-fabricate instrument support & other fabrication work for control packages on or off site.


With our instrumentation calibration services, you can be sure of the highest degree of measurement accuracy, reducing measurement uncertainties and helping maximise profits.

Our calibration services utilise dynamic measurement systems instrumentation to achieve dynamic measurement accuracy. We provide calibration equipment which is demonstrably traceable to the highest standards.

Our experts have many years of experience in the industry working on all types of equipment calibration.


Pressure instruments / Temperature Instruments / Flow Instruments / Level Instruments & all kinds of valves.


  • Process Control Systems – PLC & HMI, DCS, SCADA
  • Safety Instrumented Systems
  • Fire & Gas (F&G) Systems
  • Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS)
  • Power Management Systems
  • Instrument Asset Management Systems (IAMS)
  • Security: CCTV, Anti-Intrusion Systems
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Breakdown Maintenance
  • Start-Up / Shutdown Services
  • Maintenance Management & Planning Services


  • Startup & Commissioning Services
  • Motor Control Centers (MCC)
  • Generator Circuit Breaker ( GCB)
  • Switchgears (LV & MV), including relay setting
  • Control & Protection panel
  • Transformers (Distribution, Excitation, Isolation, Neutral Grounding, UAT, GSUT) incl. oil filtration
  • Generators ( Diesel, Emergency Diesel Generators)
  • DC Battery/ UPS System
  • Electrical Motors
  • Instrumentation loop checking, Startup & Commissioning Services
  • Calibration of Instruments